How to add sound to a react-native app

Hi everyone, it has been a loooong time since I have written an article and thought I would do another today regarding adding sound to a react native app. Let’s go! Firstly, the documentation for this can be found here — and has a lot of great stuff in it, but if you like the formatContinue reading “How to add sound to a react-native app”

How To Add Custom Fonts to Your React-Native Project

When I am beginning to plan side projects, one of the first aspects I like to think about is the fonts I want to use for the project. Thinking of this, I realised in the past I’ve had some issues when integrating custom fonts into my React-Native project, so I thought it’d be a coolContinue reading “How To Add Custom Fonts to Your React-Native Project”

Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6

Out of the many wonderful ES6 features arrow functions are one of the most used and also save developers a lot of time since it shortens code so much! So I thought I would write a tutorial regarding arrow functions as well as give examples of its usage in addition to explain the dreaded “this”Continue reading “Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6”

Map, Filter & Reduce in JavaScript

Map This function returns a new array with a callback function acting upon every element within the array. Map will run a callback function that takes 3 arguments. The first being the “current item” in the array (this is a required argument), the second being the “index” within the array of the current item (thisContinue reading “Map, Filter & Reduce in JavaScript”