How to add pagination to a React-Native flatlist

This tutorial will explain how to add pagination to your flatlist while scrolling, so 10 more items get added to the flatlist the more you scroll. The first thing we need to do as always is create a new React-Native project, use the command below. react-native init paginationflatlist After we have created the project we needContinue reading “How to add pagination to a React-Native flatlist”

How to add sound to a react-native app

Hi everyone, it has been a loooong time since I have written an article and thought I would do another today regarding adding sound to a react native app. Let’s go! Firstly, the documentation for this can be found here — and has a lot of great stuff in it, but if you like the formatContinue reading “How to add sound to a react-native app”

How To Add Custom Fonts to Your React-Native Project

When I am beginning to plan side projects, one of the first aspects I like to think about is the fonts I want to use for the project. Thinking of this, I realised in the past I’ve had some issues when integrating custom fonts into my React-Native project, so I thought it’d be a coolContinue reading “How To Add Custom Fonts to Your React-Native Project”

Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6

Out of the many wonderful ES6 features arrow functions are one of the most used and also save developers a lot of time since it shortens code so much! So I thought I would write a tutorial regarding arrow functions as well as give examples of its usage in addition to explain the dreaded “this”Continue reading “Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6”

Map, Filter & Reduce in JavaScript

Map This function returns a new array with a callback function acting upon every element within the array. Map will run a callback function that takes 3 arguments. The first being the “current item” in the array (this is a required argument), the second being the “index” within the array of the current item (thisContinue reading “Map, Filter & Reduce in JavaScript”